OK, so I really wasn't planning on performing a Random Act of Cupcake today, but  somehow it kind of just spontaneously, organically, cosmically, magically came together.

Apple and sultana cupcake. Yum Yum. OK, so after I'd baked the cakes, I decamped to the front yard to watch aforementioned hubby work in the garden.

It was while I was sitting there, feeling all sorrowful after a hard day at work when I thought why not spread a little joy instead and do a random act of cupcake thingy? So I toddled inside, packed up a cupcake and grabbed my camera.

It didn't take long for these peeps to come ambling by...
So there I was wallowing in my misery, when Aaron (the dude on the right) remarked how lovely my dog was (who was furiously barking and snarling at him and his mates through the fence.) That's when I decided that he had good random recipient potential written all over him. So I scooted over and offered him a free cupcake. I got talking to him and his mates, Rob and Tara, and discovered that they lived in the neighbourhood, maybe half a minute's walk up the road from me.  Aaron had moved up from Melbourne three months ago and reckoned my hubby and I were the first neighbours he'd met.  How cool! It was nice chatting to these guys and making the acquaintance of some neighburritos. The only regret I had was that there wasn't time to invite them in for a cuppa, as I had to head off to a social gathering, where the rest of the batch of cupcakes I baked were to be consumed.

Anyway, thank you Aaron, Tara and Rob for being such gracious random cupcake recipients and not telling me to go frack myself. I hope to see you all again around in the 'hood sometime soon.

And now for the recipe:

BTW, this is pretty random.

Sift a bunch of flour. Melt some brown sugar and butter in a saucepan. Add the butter mixture to the flour. Chuck in a granny smith apple, chopped into little bits and a handful of sultanas. Oh yeah, and throw in some eggs. Three will do. Mix it all together until you get a gooey mess. Spoon gooey mess into cupcake liners.  Bake in a moderate oven for 15 mins or until golden brown. Put them on a rack to cool. Then get a big pile of natural yoghurt and a spoonful of brown sugar and mix together. Put a spoonful on each cupcake. Then sit in your front yard and wait for a random stranger to come by .

OK, so that's all from me for now. May your respective weeks be filled with exciting randomness. Toodles.
Chris Schwarz
8/10/2010 11:59:01

And very delicious they were too. Despite my migraine I soon returned to the fray after my uncharacteristic stalling after the third cupcake and polished off the other two (Ralph had moaned and carried on until I allowed him one). What a wonderful dinner they made!

9/10/2010 14:36:04

It was a wonderful cuppie and well worth the moaning, such rich flavours deliciusly melded together.


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