I've been feeling a bit frazzled lately, so this post is going to be uber-short. OK, so this morning I divined this week's cupcake recipe by doing the eenie-menie-minie-mo thing on the index page of the cupcake recipe book. My finger landed on Citrus Yoghurt Cupcakes, which was a relief because it is such a super-simple recipe.

This is what you need:

200g plain flour
175g caster sugar
1 tbsp lime zest
1 tbsp lemon zest
1 tbsp orange zest
1 tbsp baking powder
pinch of salt
225 ml natural yoghurt
115 ml sunflower oil
1 egg

This is what you do:

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. Line a cupcake tin with paper cases.

2. Combine the flour, sugar, citrus zests, baking powder and salt in a large bowl.

3. In another large bowl, combine the yoghurt, oil and egg.

4. Add the dry mixture to the wet. Mix until just combined.

5. Spoon batter into the cupcake cases and bake for 20 minutes.

6. Serve with a dollop of natural yoghurt.

7. Eat and enjoy with a nice cuppa chai.

De-frazzle with a lovely afternoon tea
I'm so frazzled, I almost settled down for a cuppa and a nana nap after I took the above photo.
Better hit the road before I slip into a coma.

Mission accomplished.

So frazzled was I that I decided to loiter outside my abode for my random stranger. After five minutes or so, an old geezer dressed in ridiculous camo gear, like he was on safari in the Congo, walked by. I summoned up every ounce of niceness in my body and asked him if he would like to receive a free cupcake as part of my blog project, to which the rude mofo replied by waving his arms at me as though I was some pesky insect in need of swotting.

I have to say that so far the elderly are NOT acquitting themselves well in this social experiment of mine.

Anyway, so after that, I decided to take a stroll down the road to chill out. Not long after, I came across this fella. 
Meet Russell. He's a gardener and he looked like he was coming home after a hard day's yakka. When I told him my spiel about the cupcakes, he was good enough to say Alright, why not? and accepted my cupcake in the spirit of openness and friendliness in which I endeavoured to give it. Good on you, Russell, and I hope the rest of your day is awesome.
Chris Schwarz
13/4/2010 20:13:20

Hey, don't diss us elderly! Without us you wouldn't get to be paying such high taxes.
Those cupcakes sound scrumptious, and I love the photo-great design, love the colour combo.
Hope you get some time to relax and be refreshed, ready to work for tomorrow's dollar.

Chris Schwarz
14/4/2010 23:41:33

Not only do they sound scrumptious-they ARE scrumptious. I hesitate to say best because you have come up with some great cupcakes, but the citrus and yoghurt together is delicious, and the cake is just the right amount of moist.
Another triumph!

16/4/2010 20:37:41

that russell is a superlucky dude, how good can it get, a beautiful cupcake just appears for you, given by a complete stranger, a life changing experience perhaps. good work homie

21/4/2010 07:21:55


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